Saturday, 9 April 2011


Hey munchkins :D 
Hope you've all been goooood.

Just a quick post to say hi, hope you all haven't forgotten me :) It's easter time so I have loooads of free time to catch up with everything and still have time to revise for my exams:) sorry for not helping out in a while all joking aside i have been working my ass off for these exams which didn't leave me enough time to help etc...

do i miss everyone? i miss my stardoll friends SO much, not talking to them makes me realise how much they mean to me :/also... of course i hate being unknown, coming back to stardoll just makes me feel invisible now haha i don't like it but i guess thats what you get for leaving aye?

If you wanna talk to me just mail me, add me, guestbook me even?:P haha the guestbook..gebi lol.

ill try and help with presentations? but a lot of my knowledge about them has totally faded, i had more important stuff to remember like all the maths equations, english poems and science facts aah haha:) but i can still help as i have my html folders and all that blehh stored on my lappytop.

i dont know why this wont let me let you comment? my blog accs gone weirdo again. :/

im all the same, i'd love to talk to you all again hehe :D <3