These are the questions I get asked most frequently.

Why doesn't your HTML code work for me?
Well if you're not using mozilla firefox it wont work because thats the program I used to create the code, If you are using mozilla then I'm affraid it's you, I would recommend you ask me in my guestbook for help

How can I make my presentation in Safari and Chrome?
Good question which I can't answer, you can create word document and open office presentations for safari and chrome but HTMLs that are generated by me will not work because of the format and the elements that those 2 websites don't have which mozilla provides for the coding...

Can you make me a presentation?
The only way I'd make you a presentation is if you gave me $100, I don't make people presentations because it takes time and effort, I barely have time to create myself a fantastic presentation let lone everyone! Last time I created presentations for people I got so stressed I left stardoll for weeks, also people started hating me because I didn't have enough time to make them one...i'd rather not be put through that mess again, thanks.

Why am I banned from your club?
You've either advertised yourself (I MAKE FREE PRESENTATIONS!!!) I hate when people do this, this blog and club was created for me to teach, not advertise your presentations, Or you've told people to go to certain websites to get extra things from (witty profiles - do NOT use this website!!! I know for a fact that people have worked amazing hard on some of these quotes and should not be jacked by some invalid, I am a witty user and I don't give out my username anymore because people copy me from there).

Why wont my presentation save because it says it contains bad language when it doesn't?
Well you may have used an HTML that stardoll does not support which shows up as bad language, also you need to keep an eye out on whether you have accidentally wrote half the code like <span, this may show up as bad language. You also need to check what words you have used in your presentation, stardoll has become VERY strict, they don't allow any swears or bad language (sucks, twat, tinypic). I find that using firefox is better than chrome because it's not so strict, i don't know why :)

Why wont things from youtube work?
Well they do work for one thing, Just not with the format of stardoll. The persons video that you're watching has probably used a <div code which does NOT work with stardoll, this is why you shouldn't use witty! witty uses the <div format and stardoll only supports the <span. So I advise you to not watch tutorials from youtube unless the user has stated what format the code is in. The only other way it wont work is if they took the scroll from a website and used it for an example. of course when you save it works but then you re-visit yourself and it's gone.

How do I put codes together?
Wow this is a biggy. what you need to do is make sure is make a text code to begin with, then you make your border/background, when you've created your background/border enter your text html code and it should go right into the border, if it hasn't you need to make sure you haven't used <p> it could mess up your code. It's quite easy to put codes together but it can get difficult, when I find a better way of describing what to do i'll update this.

Ask more questions below and I'll write them in here and answer for you! :)


  1. Thank youu :*
    but how to change text style and colour in scroll box ? (:

  2. thanks :D
    I have a Q:I have done a pres, and at the end I added the border code to do a border box thing and it came in the text, and no border?

  3. I have one to add:
    Whenever I hit return/enter on my keyboard, I get a huge space in between my words. Is there any way I can fix that?

  4. @Parker Yes, there is a way to fix that:
    When you want to enter, just hold SHIFT-ENTER
    Hope it helps!

  5. @CYRahh!
    What about when there's too much text and it starts a new line? I get a gigantic gap :S

  6. When you get a gigantic gap, hold SHIFT-BACKSPACE before the word. Oh, and what's your stardoll id?
    I need to see your presentation and clarify whats wrong with it.

  7. I'm parky419 on stardoll..
    It also changed my font..
    It's the second part of my presentation on the bottom.

  8. When people ask questions 'CYRaah!' I will put them up on the questions page. I do not want you answering questions here because that isn't your job.

  9. I am fadeaway_gone and im trying to make a nice profile buyt everytime i try to savfe it, it say you cannot save your presentation because it contains personal info. how can i change this?

  10. Hey Chloe, I am Chocolategurll on stardoll, I just wrote a scroll box code, which I must admit, I got from youtube. And I did it right and everything I think, but I cannot copy it into my presentation box. It only copies the text.... Thanks.

  11. Hii..I'm new with all this HTML codes stuff..So I'd like to ask you a question Chloe.. Umm.. I know you wrote this answer on you 'Codes' page for beguinners ,but I don't know how to put the two codes together..Can you explain me better ,please? (:

  12. Whenever I try to make a pres for my club it won't work!

  13. I know how to change that I asked n (;but I've new question ,How did you do that you wrote in your pres.... that's actually
    you know what I mean ? ;D

  14. i know how to do a scroll box presentation, but please could you tell me the code or how to get the middle border for it? :)

  15. Hi Chloe again! Can u please add me on a friend here , thanks and MSN. and ur tips and how to do stuff are brilliant. xx Mariam. P.S. Sadia is leaving STARDOLL! :( have u heard

  16. Hi Chloé!!! I have a question- I have a scroll box on whatever and all, But how do i drag it?

  17. I'm having the same problem as Amzy_girl...I know how to drag it, but it's not working:[ Can you help me?
    -Chloe<3(my name too)

  18. Hey I have a question about html codes
    What does: <p style=" <div style=" mEAN
    Also do you know the code for making a regular presentation because i only know the code on how to make a scroll box. Do you know how to align the text in center?

  19. Whenever I edit my HTML presentation, the font gets smaller and the shadows disappear..Is there something I can do to fix that?

  20. Hiya Chloe (:
    First of all, I really love your blog & all that you've done to help others to learn all about HTML codes. I am asking if I could please be apart of your staff, or if you should at least consider me. I myself am really into HTML codes & have a lot of experience with them. Thanks for reading! You can contact me on my Stardoll account, Chosen21 if you make a decision (:

  21. Hey Chloé :)
    I would love to be a writer for your blog.
    Contact me(: Thank you so much. We've talked
    before, I'm Brokenmuffin1. Thank you for your
    time sweetie♥

  22. Mine says that it contains personal info. but it doesn't! Its only on the 1st line...