These are full, ready made presentations

Candy: If you're looking for a sweet presentation visit 'ChristmasHTML2'
So sinful: If you're looking for a sophisticated presentation visit 'CMPresentations'
Light Rainbow: No shadows but a fantastic shimmer! 'ChristmasHTML4'
Simple but sexy: Visit ChristmasHTML10
Midnight Love: If you want a endearing presentation visit 'ChristmasHTML3' - popular choice!
Purple tiger: It's fierce, it's gorgeous - why it's my first presentation with the metallic look! 'ChristmasHTML14'

These are some borders that I've created myself 

Showbiz | Blue Tiger | Purple | Middle border
^ Can all be viewed and used @ ChristmasHTML5

Neon Bars Text
These are headers with a 'Neon Bars' affect! Created by Daisygirlz
They can be found @ Nemii.Pages

To see effects you could use for your headings visit ChloeShadows (NEW!!!)

Flashing text
coming soon

coming soon



  1. I truly adore your presentations!

  2. they r cooool! I dind't use any of them yet but will surely credit you if I used one. ^_^

  3. I saw one that Bimmy-Mimmy has. Uhmm can i copy it? Or no? Please REPLY!xx

  4. No you can't haha...
    Martha is an assistant and thats her presentation not a sample, unless she's used an OHP sample :)

  5. could you please write the code for having your scroll box in a background i still can't figure it out. Please help!

  6. I'm not telling anyone how to do that lol.

  7. Could I just use some of your text and then put on the bottom of my pres : Tect copyrigth Elleeae ? (:

  8. when i dragged the neon sample it didn't work. help? :L

  9. Hi! Can I help with the blog and HTMLs? Please..? If not , I don't mind, I just think this blog is AWESOEM:D

  10. Hi, I wanted to be a part of the blog, but I can't message you or add u on stardoll because I have too many friends. Can I just email you on Facebook? Please reply., xoxox

  11. I freakin adore you Chloe :]
    You're so nice, helping other stardollers out with their presentations, you should get like World Peace award or something lol.

  12. Please reply on Facebook! (Karylle Stardoll)

  13. how can I create those scrollable boxes such as those ChristmasHTML2: presentation?

  14. Thnx soo much Chloe xx I absolutly adore u and ur presentations x Got any other new ones comiing outtee soon?? (-_-) xxxxx lurv yahh

  15. Everytime i click the samples name it doesn't workj it says hello stardoll luver thenwhen i'm on stardoll i search there anme up and it says no useres found have u deleted the account and if so can u do more thankss plz, reply back to me on stardoll or on this blog thanks my stardoll name if you want is great blog!.x

  16. oh my stardoll name is just myla4 no kisses

  17. Replies
    1. Yeh i know it's annoying isn't it:/