Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Whats the point in trying, If you know you can't win?


Lunar Eclipse [Winter Solistice 2O1O]

Hey everyone! As [most of] you know, last night, December 21st was the Winter Solstice. I got up really late to see it. THE MOON WAS SO RED! I`m telling you this because one. it`s awesome xD two. i`m gonna make an eclipse [no, not the movie..] themed layout ;D Hre is a video of Youtube I found, and I think it`s the best footage yet.


New sample and more

The page 'Extras' contains a LOT of information which I spent hours on :) It has shadows, backgrounds, scrolls and borders all you do is copy them into your presentation (suitable for mozilla and chrome!)
^Remember to tell me if you want more on there, i can make custom borders, shadows, scrolls and backgrounds just tell me the size, colour, ect)

Also I've made a new sample presentation 'Simple but sexy' this title just came to my head when I'd finished making it :) It was the pres I made doing the video tutorial on how to create a presentation (should be uploaded soon!) I hope you like it, It's available for anyone, just keep credit!

Monday, 20 December 2010

What you want

So a lot of people have been coming to me in my guestbook over the past week (197 comments to be exact!) asking about tutorials, 70% asked the most basic question of all, and guess what? It was so basic I didn't even THINK of adding it to the blog! haha :D

'How do you make a presentation'
See...even I didn't think of answering this! I've been wondering why this blog is completely useless and unhelpful for people and I've finally realised why! I didn't say HOW to start it, people who are clueless with presentations wouldn't know how to add scrolls if they don't even know how to start off, how stupid of me!

I'll be creating 2 more pages;
1. Getting Started - Starting a presentation
2. Customers - Since I'm starting the business again (Yay!)

-This blog would be nothing if you don't ask questions, keep asking! :)


[A Good] Scroll Box Tutorial Video!

Okay, so I was surfing Youtube, looking for some Stardoll HTML Tutorials for you guys, and I found a super good one [At least I think] On making Scroll Boxes, SPECIALLY for Stardoll!

All credit goes to the owner of the video.

The code is in the Codes page (:

Love and lots,

Sunday, 19 December 2010

How To Find A Code;

Alrightsy, so obviously, sometimes we find a presentation that we are not familliar with. Some people had never seen a scroll box when they first came out. Then, we wonder how to get that code! Here are the three things I`ll usually do when I want a specific presentation.

Go To Good Presentation Blogs And See If They Have It.
Copy And Paste The Presentation To A Fake Account, Then Save, Then Click Edit, And It`ll Show The Codes Before The Real Editor Comes Up.

Color key:
Green = First Try.
Red = Last Resort.

Hopefully this helped you find the code you were looking for.

Love and Lots,

Nemii's Dragging Tutorial !

Hey Presentation Lovers!

Since many of you find it difficult to drag your presentations the right way, I've made a quick video tutorial that will help you to properly drag your presentation!

(c) HTMLPages

What do you think of this video tutorial ?
Was it helpful ?
Any changes or elements you want to see in them?
Comment and let us know!

[Best viewed with FULL screen!]

- Daisygirlz

New Writer :D

Heeyyy :D
I am new writer, i am Vanessa-efron :D Thank you so muchh Chloé (:
I am not verry good at HML, but i will try do to my best (:
Thanks for read :)
xoxo Bruna

Saturday, 18 December 2010

OH and one other thing.

Yehh, I forgot to mention this in my introductary post. If I catch ANYONE [yehh, even my friends.] copying even a single piece of one of Chloé `s layouts, I will tell Chloé AND the rest of the blog readers to report and delete you till you remove it. [Copying presentations ruins your reputation, so do you wanna be known for the rest of your SD time as the copier? Yehh, thought so ;P]

Love and Lots,

Friday, 17 December 2010

For you.

I would like you to post below what you'd like to see on this blog, I know I already have enough information on the blog about HTMLs but I just want to know what you think will make it better.

I've been concerned about the views the blogs got so that is why I've added all these 'flag counters,  live traffic feed' :P I was curious where these people were coming from :P

Also i've added the 'Top 10 Members' so I can see who's most active which will help future changes in deciding who deserves what :)

enough of that...
-Is there any particular music requests you'd like me to add to the blog?
-Should we have banners? (i personally don't like them)

what does OHP need in order for you to follow, comment, join in?
the only way this'll all happen is if you write what you'd like below, you tell me & I'll make it happen.

PS; I've had some randomers answer my members questions 'for' me,  I would rather you didn't. I like answering questions. me and my assistants have this all worked out, honestly I don't need your help :P

Thursday, 16 December 2010

New writer!☆

Hey everyone! I am the newest writer for OHP. My username is Bella_Swan_lol! My name is Kylee, but please call me Kay. I have used HTML for almost three years. I loveeee it ;D Lol. Anyway, thank you sooo much for hiring me, Chloé[: xoxo, and happy holidays!


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

So yeh this blog needs more activity,
If you'd like to be an assistant of mine I would love to hire you, I need help in getting organised and being reminded of what I need to do, I do not need another personal assistant, Nemi - she works along side me in this presentation buisness, not only is she such a great help but she's also one of my closest friends.

For everyone who'd like to be a writer, blog widget updater, watch out - looking for copycats to put on the wall of shame, need to get in contact with me and i'll need your blogger email so I can add you to the blog, also anyone who is working 'in any position' on the blog will get to have there medolls face put on the blog on the right hand side :)


Monday, 13 December 2010


Belena321 has copied my presentations from here and from stardoll and pasted them onto HER witty, and guess what?! She said they were HER quotes! I am FRUSTRATED with air heads like these.

This girl even mailed me telling me to give credit to her because I used her 'candy' presentation! HOW RUDE. I was offended by this so of course I flipped out and went CHLOECRAZY,

I created Candy BEFORE december didn't i? well this Belena321 girl created her 'candy' quote on witty 1Oth December, not only did she copy that, she copied my 'Happy holidays' thing from my presentation!

So yeh to sum it up...REPORT HER :D

Hmm and guys guess what?!
I'm in a bad mood at the moment so i'm trying my hardest not to delete this blog and the club! seriously the temptation of getting rid of everything is soooo high. What i hate more than Cheryl cole is copycats with no lifes.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

How many times?

I Don't make presentations for individuals.

I Make sample ones for EVERYONE
I Make codes for EVERYONE
I Make tutorials for EVERYONE

So stop asking if I'd make you a presentation because I wont!
I'd get too stressed with all the requests and I think it's silly to make a presentation for each and every person when I can make a few for all.

New Writer

Hello there,

I'm Martha. I Just wanted to say, me and Chloé are very good friends so I asked her to write for this blog, of course Chloé is a wonderfull person and said yes. I'm looking foward on asking people to follow this blog, so it will be bigger and better like buddy Nemii Said. I'm considered to help this blog with anything, i'm Bimmy-Mimmy on Stardoll. Ask me questions, i'm expirienced with HTML.

- Bimmy-Mimmy

Thursday, 9 December 2010

New Writer!


Just wanted to post to say Thank You to Chloe for giving me the opportunity to write for this awesome blog. I'll do the best I can, and to do that I of course need all your help. Invite friends to follow this blog, so we can make it bigger and better!



Tuesday, 7 December 2010


This blog isn't finished yet,
Don't bother writing in my guestbook or in HTML Pages complaining about anything because I'm getting round to each page. it takes time.

I'll be making more tutorials which should be done by Friday,
Also I'm adding a page called 'Coding' which will have the codes I use as a template for all my creations, which many of you have suggested to add to the blog.

I am hiring anyone at the moment...this blog needs help and people, once i have 10 people then I'll stop hiring so...hurry, it's not everlasting :)

also...if i find out you've taken one of my templates ect...without copyright, man you've messed with the wrong girl :) just warning you now.



New header and banner coming soon!

I've added tutorials and some samples, Once we get 250 followers I'll start hiring people, my 2 managers will be my assistants, and the 3 other members I'll be hiring will get to be manager of the club :)

Keep visiting the blog, It'll finally come together!
for the time being...it'll be a little inactive and ...lame :)
just wait


Thursday, 11 November 2010


I set the blog to private for a while, but now it's open,
Over time I'll be making it look much better,
and adding things and information to pages...be pacient,

also if you're good at graphics or have any ideas for a nice blog layout tell me, I need something new, i hate the layout and banner :D thanks!

Sunday, 26 September 2010