Thank yous
Some thank you's, compliments ect... people have left for me in my guestbook

These are from 2011
Woow, your doll looks great & your presentation is amasing ^-^ 5/5♥  - Sta988
Hey (: I really like your presentation :D - finagirl
I will ♥ allways your presentation. I´m just other girl that stays =O at your presentations, we ♥ your presentation! But I´m your #1 FAN! -
Thxx so much for helping me and my presentations by giving the HTMLc codes - sim1623
Chloé ! I didn't use anything from your presntation, but I gave you millions of credit for helping me with scrolls, multiple borders and extreme shadowing :) check it out, if you want :) - ElenaBieber
I love your presentation! The best I've ever seen! Heres another comment for you goal of 4000 (: x - montux2
I LOVE your presentation. ♥ - Julia6ta
Nice presentation xD - Josselynn
u have best presentation 4 ever - VaNe-AnGeL
i effing love you! thanks for all your help on the presentation things. - ShhneakR
I'm a BIG fan of yours(: - Elleeaee.
I lovee youur pres! - apac_newes
I'm great :) You?♥ Btw, i love your pres. ^^ - girl4eversweet
♥Hey♥ I love your presentations and your blog xD My Bro has the same Birthday as you lol - Halo11 
Hello ;3 I'm in love with your presentation :OFriends? - Broken.Destiny
I love ur prez! It's sooo cool!!! - bestanimefan101
Chloé ♥ Darling, I love you freaking much, cant live without you. Ohh, I love it when you make new presentations. :D♥ Aww, great. I love you hun ♥ - dntstopmusic
God ! You have a gorgeous presentation ! I just love it ! oni_av13
Thnx sooo much! I managed to make my presentation with them scrolly down things. Can we be friends? i follow your blog everyday by the way! xx - mrsfluffy98
Your blog is amazing ♥ 5/5 :] - Juju-Fruju
Yay, okay, I love your blog. I just don't know how to write HTML codes and put them together. I followed it (: - Chocolategurll
Hey , OMG Your Presentation Blog Is SO Helpful. & Your Presentations Are GOOD [: - MiChEllEb000
Yaaaaay ! xD . ;] Thankyou . :D Your presentation's beautiful! - MJMaryJustine
Hi There :) My Name Is Ciara And You Do AMAZING Presentations :D Xx - faithzoey
Love you`r bolg ♥ xx - SESE547
That is one of the best outfit i have seen on stardoll its soo creative and i cant get over how amazing your pesention is !! :D i leave you 5 shiny stars..,,i would leave 100 but 5 is the max (|: - kool_chik_4ever

Wow ur presentations r amazing - AANGELAGRG345
Oh my godness, Chloé! You're truly a genius at making presentations! Wish I had such skills! Anyway, I left you 5 shiny stars. xoxo - Princess__17 i am really jealous of your presentation. i tried using your website and it helped a little its still a bit confusing though 5/5 btw(: - luckyumbrella
I love HTML pages! - Smithy211
Happy New year Cho.I Love the new presentation♥ - icaoimhe
Chloe! You're amazing. You're like, my idol. I'm following your footsteps and made a presentation blog and sharing my talent like you are! Thanks so much for being so nice and sharing your knowledge with us! Can I get your opinion on my blog? - belieber31
I'm in love with your presentation, it's amazing ♥__♥ - mote100
Heeyy...Love the new pres...very girly cute ;D Been checking out your blog...and i really like the samples, but i dont know how i can find out the HTML for it :L Please help, Your a stardoll idol bub :) How many times have you been CG???? xx Faffyfart
That presentation is total eye-gasm, no joke. I LOVE IT. :D♥ - Daisygirlz
chloe, your presentation is beautiful, i love love the colours! best presentation i've ever seen.♥ - Sarkozzy
Woaaaaaaaah, amazing press, im in love with it:D♥♥ - pettyprinces07
- This is the beginning of 2011


(These are only comments from December, I'm on page look for all 2010 comments would take 4 days!:L so heres a few I like;

5|5♥ trully amazing blog ♥ - missni--ni12

Kay :) And your welcome.You seem really nice :) I like your presentation and doll :) xx - .Bla.Bla.Bla

pls add me, if there is miss stardoll world 2011 i think elleeae will win! She is pretty! - Miss.Deepa

Beautiful presentation!! =D - Miljoen

The Presentation QUEEN (: He He He. 5/5 For Yoooooooou - MissAussieGirl

Hey Chloe, Your Presantations Aare AWSOME;d - BaybiiGurlii25

Hello Cho. How Are Youh Today? Youh Get Lots Of Nice Comments :D You Are Very Popular XD - mRz.LollyPop

Hiya, I ♥ your presentation! ♥ - winniegirl123

Hi Chloe! Since I joined Stardoll I am visiting you! You look perfect on SD what ever you wear! Please accept my request and let me be a part of that perfection on SD! Btw. How do you see how many GB do you have? - DivaMiley1992

Hello and thanks for the wonderful pres. tips!! They worked and of course I credited you!! Happy Holidays!! Best Wishes!!!Lila [; - heartparis2

Hey Your Presentation Is UhMazing. - MiChEllEb000Look at my presentation(c)your blog helped me THANKS!♥ - mari-bella

Amazing blog buddy :D i'm using one effect and have given the credit, just wanted to let you know :] - ashley1michelle

I like how you made an Embevel effect on the word "Chloe" in your presentation. - MileyCyrussss

Wow this is just amazing!LOVE IT 5 starts, you deserve it ( u deserve more but yeh :) ) - MissRenata666

Stay calm Chloé, I know you was the one that made this. Do'nt show thm that they can bring you down, cause they can't. >:D You're the one that make amazing presentations Chloé. ♥ -dntstopmusic

I loev your presentations!Your blog is so much help!I will put credit for the layout!Is that ok? - girlsrule2685

Love you meol chloe and your blog is awesoem i thiunk its goign to be the most suceful blog ever created.. -

Haha xDHow are you?Btw, I become obsessed with your HTML club! - BriannaTLC556

Yay! And sorry to bother you about it, the blog is really helpful! :D Beautiful doll and suite! - iloveanimals28

Lol I love your doll at the moment :D It's so pretty ILY you have the best doll EVER! Uniqueness Multiplied by a trillion :D ♥ x - MissAnnaWeird

I'm great :) I was make a new presentation with the thing that are in ur blog..and i think that it's aswomee *-* Thank u so much for creat the blogg!! :DDD - AMCF

Thank You SO Much For Creating That Helpful Blog.It Really Does Help,Even If Your Not Finished.I Will Surely Use The Advise.Thank You:) - Kiso262

Ohmygod I love you xD Thanks for making a wonderful website to teach how to make presentations xD - miche317

What is it like to be the coolest person now stardoll?? - SESE547

The blog is great! :D♥ I used one of the presentations (: And gave the credit to you, ofc ^_^♥ -suga_cutie90

Congrats on the blog, just visited it and it looks Amazing ;DD - peachwoman

OMG i like love you o: I was looking for html fonts for AGES ;D - twilighter70


  1. I want one too
    sd username sweetiepie271

  2. KALEEx - personally id like you chloe to do it

  3. I want one! My name is Zebra.Dancer on Stardoll, so just list me As Zebra.Dancer please...

  4. I want one! My stardoll is 2kat888. I just sent you my MSN by stardoll mail :)

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  6. oh and i has skype, and u have me added, maria sotolongo, or Bebe:D


  8. Hy. I'm a big stardoll fan, and i would like to ask you to do for me a nice club presentation. I'm able to pay for it.:)