Wednesday, 10 August 2011

No new writers are needed as this blog is no longer 'running'. It's just kept open so people can still use the resources and codes that are within this blog, stop asking to be writers.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011



I'M LOOKING FOR 5 NEW WRITERS (out with the old in with the new!)

Thanks :)

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Became a bit of a selfish shelfish for a while there didnt I! 
I've re-opened the blog...but please note the templates are temp down because of the accounts which contained the presentations hasnt been active WOOPS ill put on my bob the builder hat and fix this soon :) 

Happy making!
I hope you all forgive me too :) I'm on my way hopefully to regain your trust and get back my leadership..i sunk like the titanic before, low low low..i do really apologize but i never left! i went on study leave for my exams hehe silly billys. :)) and i shut down the blog but i never deleted by files of stardoll (i have like a whole folder full of things look>
so It shows i dont totally think stardoll is a hell hole^^

If you need pres help i can help but i may it does really piss me off sometimes, The reasons why 'since i 'came' back' i haven't been helping is because i dont want to be used again like last time. yeh i had thousands of requests and gb posts but everyone who wrote there was nice to me so they could get something to do with presentations in return -.-

anyway, :D


Saturday, 9 April 2011


Hey munchkins :D 
Hope you've all been goooood.

Just a quick post to say hi, hope you all haven't forgotten me :) It's easter time so I have loooads of free time to catch up with everything and still have time to revise for my exams:) sorry for not helping out in a while all joking aside i have been working my ass off for these exams which didn't leave me enough time to help etc...

do i miss everyone? i miss my stardoll friends SO much, not talking to them makes me realise how much they mean to me :/also... of course i hate being unknown, coming back to stardoll just makes me feel invisible now haha i don't like it but i guess thats what you get for leaving aye?

If you wanna talk to me just mail me, add me, guestbook me even?:P haha the guestbook..gebi lol.

ill try and help with presentations? but a lot of my knowledge about them has totally faded, i had more important stuff to remember like all the maths equations, english poems and science facts aah haha:) but i can still help as i have my html folders and all that blehh stored on my lappytop.

i dont know why this wont let me let you comment? my blog accs gone weirdo again. :/

im all the same, i'd love to talk to you all again hehe :D <3


Saturday, 26 February 2011


Never mind! :)
ignor th old post, i dont give a crap anymor LOL


Monday, 7 February 2011

Back! And a 'let's make this clear' post. :)

Hey there HTML fans! :)

Sorry for my lack of posts; I was pretty busy with school and such, so I had no time to come up with brilliant ideas for presentations.
But now that I'm back, I've come up with lots of themes and styles for presentations, that I am bursting to tell you! I've just thought of a thick gradient border presentation, which is now on my Stardoll page! Check it out if you like. :)

Ohkay, so I mainly posted here because I've been getting a lot of guestbook messages and friend requests asking how you start a presentation, and how to put them together. Well, Chloé and I are currently making Video Tutorials for you guys to check out and use to help you with your presentations.
But to give you a quick idea, if you're just beginning, you'll only need the background code, text code and if you want, a shadow code [see picture below]:

1. Type your text behind the 40pt;">, so that the code will give your text a font, size and colour. As soon as you've done that, put a closing code [< / s p a n >] after the text, and straight after that, the closing code for the background [< / p >].

This is to confirm that the background will only have affect on that specific piece of text.

2. For me, I find it easier to put a space [enter] between each code [so background code, text code etc.], so that you can easily tell the difference between them:

[click to enlarge]

Hope this helps you a little; if you have any questions, please post them on either the Questions page of this blog, or on our formspring [it's on the RIGHT side of the blog's page]!

- Daisygirlz <3

Sunday, 6 February 2011

New writers

...will be announced tomorrow!    

& Fgs guys, I don't want boasty, arrogant people writing here...i couldn't give 2 damns about how 'superrrrr amazing' you are at htmls, I was looking for people with personality, kindness and a little knowledge on presentations.

To most of the applications I got (where people where like 'i have this bllog' 'im aamzing at presentations') where declined, i wanted organised people :P if they knew shit about htmls i could teach them so they can teach other people xD

when I show the new writers they get access to the formspring :)