Useful Websites
Personally I think these websites are great, they've helped me a lot with creating my HTML presentations, without them I wouldn't get the right colours/shadows so yeh, I think these websites need to be mentioned!

This is the website my whole profession in HTML creating depends on! without it i'd be stuck, sure I could use dream-weaver but it's not the right program to make HTMLs on...

This is the website I use to find my colours, They come in fantastic shades and blends, this is how I created my presentation with the warp hole effect! I recommend you using this website to create amazing boarder effects.

This is the website I use for my font colourings, of course I don't magically know everything off by heart thats crazy ICT! if you need some colours for fonts I'd say use this website.

Wowi! this ones fantastic, you actually get to pick the colour you like and it gives you the HEX code! how can you ask for more than that?! :) I adore this website, it helped me in creating rainbow effects which i've been getting a lot of requests about!

This is the website I have started to use to create my colour fading! the only thing is that if you want each letter to have the shadow match the font you'll need to create a separate text html for each letter with a different colour

 I HIGHLY recommend you download mozilla firefox!

-Thats about it!
I create the actual HTML code myself so if you came on this page looking for a website with've completely gone mad, because you should know I create them myself :)

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  1. Thanks so much ♥

    but I also recommend this website for wonderful colour fadings. For me this website is easier: