Thursday, 2 June 2011


Became a bit of a selfish shelfish for a while there didnt I! 
I've re-opened the blog...but please note the templates are temp down because of the accounts which contained the presentations hasnt been active WOOPS ill put on my bob the builder hat and fix this soon :) 

Happy making!
I hope you all forgive me too :) I'm on my way hopefully to regain your trust and get back my leadership..i sunk like the titanic before, low low low..i do really apologize but i never left! i went on study leave for my exams hehe silly billys. :)) and i shut down the blog but i never deleted by files of stardoll (i have like a whole folder full of things look>
so It shows i dont totally think stardoll is a hell hole^^

If you need pres help i can help but i may it does really piss me off sometimes, The reasons why 'since i 'came' back' i haven't been helping is because i dont want to be used again like last time. yeh i had thousands of requests and gb posts but everyone who wrote there was nice to me so they could get something to do with presentations in return -.-

anyway, :D


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