Monday, 7 February 2011

Back! And a 'let's make this clear' post. :)

Hey there HTML fans! :)

Sorry for my lack of posts; I was pretty busy with school and such, so I had no time to come up with brilliant ideas for presentations.
But now that I'm back, I've come up with lots of themes and styles for presentations, that I am bursting to tell you! I've just thought of a thick gradient border presentation, which is now on my Stardoll page! Check it out if you like. :)

Ohkay, so I mainly posted here because I've been getting a lot of guestbook messages and friend requests asking how you start a presentation, and how to put them together. Well, ChloƩ and I are currently making Video Tutorials for you guys to check out and use to help you with your presentations.
But to give you a quick idea, if you're just beginning, you'll only need the background code, text code and if you want, a shadow code [see picture below]:

1. Type your text behind the 40pt;">, so that the code will give your text a font, size and colour. As soon as you've done that, put a closing code [< / s p a n >] after the text, and straight after that, the closing code for the background [< / p >].

This is to confirm that the background will only have affect on that specific piece of text.

2. For me, I find it easier to put a space [enter] between each code [so background code, text code etc.], so that you can easily tell the difference between them:

[click to enlarge]

Hope this helps you a little; if you have any questions, please post them on either the Questions page of this blog, or on our formspring [it's on the RIGHT side of the blog's page]!

- Daisygirlz <3

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  1. Acctuallyyy, on the right ^^ Thanks Nemii :D