Saturday, 5 February 2011

Aaha Oh dear...

Firstly...SO SO SO sorry haven't been active at all!

I had to restart my computers whole system so it deleted everything on it, (well passwords on the internet)  luckily my brother re-stored all my old files which contained HTMLs/school work/photos which was just a relief <3
(my blogspot password was deleted from my computer so it took AGES to retard it lol)

I had a list of people I wanted to work for this blog  but because that was a new file it was erased!  so please can you re-send me your mails, and stuff. i'm so sorry :/ i didn't think my computer would have a break down!

I've got 5 new samples ^^    and plenty more stufff i think you guys will love!

thanks for following & welcome new comers! <3

(for some reason it's not letting people comment? i dont see a comment button :S  if you know why please email me...i went on my other acc to see if it lets people comment and it doesn't so...:S)