Monday, 20 December 2010

What you want

So a lot of people have been coming to me in my guestbook over the past week (197 comments to be exact!) asking about tutorials, 70% asked the most basic question of all, and guess what? It was so basic I didn't even THINK of adding it to the blog! haha :D

'How do you make a presentation'
See...even I didn't think of answering this! I've been wondering why this blog is completely useless and unhelpful for people and I've finally realised why! I didn't say HOW to start it, people who are clueless with presentations wouldn't know how to add scrolls if they don't even know how to start off, how stupid of me!

I'll be creating 2 more pages;
1. Getting Started - Starting a presentation
2. Customers - Since I'm starting the business again (Yay!)

-This blog would be nothing if you don't ask questions, keep asking! :)



  1. Thank you so much for thinking of this!

  2. I need your help!
    I am best friends with suga_cutie90 in real life. I need your help with presentations.....
    Get back to me: LolaRose1811.
    Rachel x