Sunday, 19 December 2010

How To Find A Code;

Alrightsy, so obviously, sometimes we find a presentation that we are not familliar with. Some people had never seen a scroll box when they first came out. Then, we wonder how to get that code! Here are the three things I`ll usually do when I want a specific presentation.

Go To Good Presentation Blogs And See If They Have It.
Copy And Paste The Presentation To A Fake Account, Then Save, Then Click Edit, And It`ll Show The Codes Before The Real Editor Comes Up.

Color key:
Green = First Try.
Red = Last Resort.

Hopefully this helped you find the code you were looking for.

Love and Lots,


  1. Excuse me but I teach people to NOT use witty.
    I say use
    it's easier :/

    please don't further witty, i hate that site

  2. I don't understand a thing. What the fhuck does 'Green' and 'Red' have to do with it? o.O

  3. xPP

    The green one is the best choice,
    and red is last resort ;P
    ever read the key?-,-"