Friday, 17 December 2010

For you.

I would like you to post below what you'd like to see on this blog, I know I already have enough information on the blog about HTMLs but I just want to know what you think will make it better.

I've been concerned about the views the blogs got so that is why I've added all these 'flag counters,  live traffic feed' :P I was curious where these people were coming from :P

Also i've added the 'Top 10 Members' so I can see who's most active which will help future changes in deciding who deserves what :)

enough of that...
-Is there any particular music requests you'd like me to add to the blog?
-Should we have banners? (i personally don't like them)

what does OHP need in order for you to follow, comment, join in?
the only way this'll all happen is if you write what you'd like below, you tell me & I'll make it happen.

PS; I've had some randomers answer my members questions 'for' me,  I would rather you didn't. I like answering questions. me and my assistants have this all worked out, honestly I don't need your help :P


  1. Sorry Chloé for answering questions........
    really really sorry....

  2. sorry from me too, I was just trying to help, but I guess it's not my thing to do. anyway thanks for creating this site, it helps a lot. and I agree about banners, they are just a distraction

  3. I only joined yesterday so ill be very active i vist every 5 mins