Tuesday, 14 December 2010

So yeh this blog needs more activity,
If you'd like to be an assistant of mine I would love to hire you, I need help in getting organised and being reminded of what I need to do, I do not need another personal assistant, Nemi - she works along side me in this presentation buisness, not only is she such a great help but she's also one of my closest friends.

For everyone who'd like to be a writer, blog widget updater, watch out - looking for copycats to put on the wall of shame, need to get in contact with me and i'll need your blogger email so I can add you to the blog, also anyone who is working 'in any position' on the blog will get to have there medolls face put on the blog on the right hand side :)



  1. I'd love to be part of the blog! I'm LoveGossip4life on blogger + sd and my email is: LoveGossip4life@gmail.com hope you'll add me!

  2. I would love to be a writer as well! I think it would be fun and I am open to writing on anything necessary ;D My username is iloveanimals28 and my email is spider.cake28@gmail.com

  3. Hey its dyzyloxin, I've commented on your topic in stardoll, about the people who want to be staff.
    I can't put my email there so i'll put it here.
    Love, Dyzyloxin (daisy)

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  5. Clara_Clary ;D
    i would like ot be in the staff (:


  6. Kasejen:)
    i would LOVE to be an assistant:)I'm experienced in HTML and have been doing presentations for 2 years on my old deleted account.

    i'd like to be a writer.You can contact me at Kasejen2010@yahoo.com or on my guestbook which is always open.but any job you have open will be fine:)Thanks:D

  7. Andre-simi :)I would like to be an assistant:)I'm experienced in HTML .
    Can I help you?