Monday, 13 December 2010


Belena321 has copied my presentations from here and from stardoll and pasted them onto HER witty, and guess what?! She said they were HER quotes! I am FRUSTRATED with air heads like these.

This girl even mailed me telling me to give credit to her because I used her 'candy' presentation! HOW RUDE. I was offended by this so of course I flipped out and went CHLOECRAZY,

I created Candy BEFORE december didn't i? well this Belena321 girl created her 'candy' quote on witty 1Oth December, not only did she copy that, she copied my 'Happy holidays' thing from my presentation!

So yeh to sum it up...REPORT HER :D

Hmm and guys guess what?!
I'm in a bad mood at the moment so i'm trying my hardest not to delete this blog and the club! seriously the temptation of getting rid of everything is soooo high. What i hate more than Cheryl cole is copycats with no lifes.


  1. So with you on the Cheryl cole part -.- Don't delete the blog because of one bi*** -excuse the french!- reported her btw

  2. Wow, my hands are clenching just reading that. I'm going to report her. :3

  3. Chole search her name on witty! Then see the letter she posteddd!!

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