Sunday, 16 January 2011

How many times till you actually GET IT ?!

I just logged on to Stardoll this afternoon, to find one of my closest friends messaging me about yet ANOTHER copier. And this time, they've decided to pretend to be me and Chloe. On WITTYPROFILES! Whoever the person is, has copied one of my previous presentations, my closest friend's friend's presentation and several more! This is getting outrageous.

Seriously, what is it with you guys [sorry for those who did nothing, you may ignore this]! We've mentioned several times NOT to copy peoples presentations [including ours] and use them as your own, even on witty! Yet people still have the nerve to go back and copy!

And for those of you who think we need to 'take a chill pill' obviously don't know what hard work and effort means. We spend ours, even days, weeks to create such amazing designs and styles for presentations so we can share them with you, and you think we'll easily let it go if someone copies us? Yes, when people copy they do it because they admire our creativity etc, but right now, it's going way too far. If it doesn't stop, we might have to stop this business because the stress is getting far too much.