Monday, 17 January 2011


I removed the music from the blog mainly because every time I tried changing the layout it would just blast out with music so loud, i don't know about you but to me 'es war sehr ärgerlich'  (very annoying) 

Also if you want to be sponsored/advertised in the side bar I'll need an image, name and link to your blog, this will come at an advantage to your site  because it'll grasp any readers attention:) also I'm looking for 3 new workers for the blog, as I'm not always online (BELIEVE IT OR NOT! [lol]) just write in the comments.

Thanks guys for all your support!
& for putting up with my continuous crazy moments (when people copy me now I'll just not give them the attention that they are seeking,)


  1. I would like to be a worker for this site :)

  2. Hi I would like to be a worker too

  3. I would totally love to help! I know everything there is about HTML, have experience, and I have once managed my own presentation blog! I would like to help because it is a great opportunity to work with fellow presentation makers like me, and I would like to work with my idol, you, Chloe. :) My username is Belieber31 on stardoll if you ever need me. :)

  4. i'd be happy to help out (: and i live in australia so i'll be on when you're asleep so OHP up and running around the clock (:
    my medoll is _sarah_jane_

  5. Could I Help Please I Can make Nice presentations and text (: Please consider me as a helper (:

  6. Image:
    Name: The Stardoll Addiction

    That's for the sidebar advertisement.

    I don't know if I'm gonna try to be a writer, I'm quite good with HTMLs, it's just I don't "experiment" with them much.

  7. I'll add your blog to the side-bar,
    Please can you advertise our blog too. Thanks

  8. I would help :)
    Your site is really amazing and you are a really good html teacher ;)

    PS: you speak German?
    Name: Stardoll's Talk Blog

  9. I'd love to work for the blog.
    I'm familiar with Blogspot (I had a blog for another site) and I'm good with blogging. Also, I'm great at HTML presentations, thanks to your help! It would be a great oppurtunity.

    Audrey (: x

  10. I would love to work for this blog!
    Reason why: I love working with HTML`s. I`m great at making HTML presentations. I am also always on Stardoll so I`ll always be able to write for this blog. I also have my own Stardoll blog but I don`t think that`s useful information now! (: I was never a writer for big blogs like yours. In fact, I never been a writer for any blog. So I hope you pick me and thanks!

    Stardoll User: xXx...koolgirl

    Famida (:

    (P.S. Sorry if this is so long to read!)

  11. I would just LOVE to be a writer as I also applied before! I was going to post my blog here, but I much rather be a writer here then advertise my blog >.<

  12. I put your blog in my side bar. :)

  13. I would love to work for your blog. I can make presentations and i worked for a blog before but it was so long ago i forget what it was:/ please let me i love this blog and would be hounered please :) x -xbecx