Monday, 3 January 2011

Please DON'T...

Use or take anything from my presentation! The presentations I create for my stardoll are for me, They're unusual because I like it when people are 'wowed' If I wanted I could just create a lyrics presentation, using stardoll format but I don't because as people have told me, they like seeing what I've made...

FEEL FREE to take ANYTHING from this blog I couldn't careless! I love visiting people I've never heard of and then seeing a presentation made by me. But when I see someone with a current presentation that I have thats when I get a little bit 'argh!' it pisses me off, believe it or not :P

So yeh...please don't use my scrolls with borders (especially) from my presentation yet...please. I'm making a new presentation for next month so I will of course release the presentation on here for you to use :S just wait.

Thanks for all the lovely comments as well, Good luck!

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