Thursday, 13 January 2011

Neon Bars Are Here!

Yo' HTML fans!

It's Nemii .. with the neon bars header text!
A lot of people have requested this, so I suggested on putting them up for you all!
To find them, go to the following link below which will take you to my Stardoll HTML account, where I'll post different designs. For now, it's Neon Bars! :D

---> Neon Bars <---

Enjoy them, and please don't forget to credit!


[P.S. You can also find the link on the 'Samples' page!]


  1. If this helps, here's a great text fader, better than the one you put up. You can choose as many clours as you like up to 100 and change the way it fades. Here it is:

  2. I think we know that already - it's on the sites page of this blog. And to add to that, I put that up there because some people REQUESTED me to.

  3. Thank you (:
    I think that will be really helpful to girls !